Friday , December 15 2017

Press Release|The Movement for the Autonomy of Rif (MAR)

 Autonomy of Rif

As of January 25 earthquakes do not cease to strike the Rif. Since then, the population has been confronted with shocks on numerous occasions, living in sheer fear and horror. This situation causes a realistic threat for the lives of people in the Rif. The events are dealt with indifference and are ignored by the Moroccan state and its institutes. No initiative has been taken to ease or take away the suffering of the people affected by the quakes.

The reason for the MAR-Benelux, Movement for Autonomy in the Rif, to organise a meeting, that has taken place on March 25, in The Hague. Numerous Amazigh organisations, activists and supporters have attended the meeting to discuss the latest developments in regards to the quakes, the impact on the local population, toshow sympathy to the victims and to pressure the Moroccan government to take adequate actions.

The undersigned organisations and activists in The Netherlands hereby:

  • 1. Strongly condemn the negligence and indifference of the Moroccan State in respect to the mental effects of the earthquakes on children, women and the elders.
  • 2. Call on all to show their support to the victims and to support all initiatives and activities that help ease both the mental and physical suffering.
  • 3. Pressure the Moroccan state to take responsability, deploying all recources within its capacities for this emergency situation, and furthermore to monitor the situation closely and inform the media on the developments, accordingly.

The next meeting will take place on April 8 in Rotterdam. Everyone who is interested is invited to participate and show support to the people of the Rif in these difficult times

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