Sunday , February 18 2018

New Publication | Modern Amazigh Poetry: Selected Poems

An e-book titled “Modern Amazigh Poetry: Selected Poems”, translated from Amazigh (berber) language to English by Mustapha Akhoullou, has been published and is now available at Amazon. 

Amazigh Poetry

The book was written originally by Mohamed Ouagrar and it consists of selected poems that Mustapha translated from Amazigh (Berber) language to English. Mohamed Ouagrar is a distinguished Amazigh poet in Morocco. His poetry is about the search for the “self” in time and space using the best that language can offer. Ouagrar was a student of the traditional school of Amazigh poets and musicians whose talents stemmed from Amazigh oral culture in North Africa. The poet was able to transcend that traditional school and create a whole new phenomenon called “modern amazigh poetry”, a transition that put him on the top of the modern Amazigh poetry.

In few years, Ouagrar was able to modernize the Amazigh poem. He has the audacity to penetrate the language and revolutionize poetry. It now carries new visions of reshaping the world. This is unprecedented in the Amazigh poetry.

Mohamed Ouagrar has become a literary school for many poets who chose to follow his path. They see in his poetic experience the peak they yearned for. This has significantly promoted the creation of new tools in Amazigh writing especially that his poetic innovation coincided with the officialization of Amazigh language in Morocco and Algeria and its inclusion in the education system, which contributed to its standardization.
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