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New Film: Letter of Solidarity from Imider to the Rif

Timnadine” is a form of poetry unique to Asamr (the Southeast of Morocco). By blending the art of Timnadine with the art of cinema, the aim of Movement on Road ’96 in Imider, the producer is to refresh Morocco’s indigenous Amazigh culture and to revive the legacy of the ancient poets who traveled from village to village, using Timnadine to spread news of the resistance against colonialism and the Moroccan regime known as ‘Makhzen’.

See below the full statement of the Movement regarding this film;

Despite all the efforts by democratic organizations and social movements in defending the rights of Moroccans since the retreat of the imperialist colonial power, despite all the pompous slogans destined to mask the Makhzenist state’s despotism, the human rights situation in Morocco is rapidly degrading on all levels — subjected to more violations than the period preceding the 2011 constitution.

What the people of Imider have undergone during the last 6 years, and what the people of the Rif have undergone since the murder of Mouhsin Fikri in Al Hoceima, demonstrates perfectly the relapse of human rights situation in our country.

The security approach with which the authorities are attacking the Rif’s peaceful Hirak movement is a crime that has left deep injuries in the hearts of all those who fear for this country. They are events that will haunt our collective memory for a long time.

The militants of the Movement on Road ‘96, in addition to many other organizations and people of conscience in general — both inside and outside the country — stand in solidarity with the Rif and support its rightful demands. Demands which we believe, are not much different than ours as they touch on the people’s socio-economic, environmental and cultural rights. Rights that we believe are a necessary prerequisite for living in dignity in our motherland.

Today we express our solidarity with our Riffian brothers and sisters through a visual poem, a short film produced by our Movement: “Timnadin for the Rif”, meaning “Verses for the Rif.” It is a collective production which saw the participation of numerous militants in the ranks of Imider’s social movement.

By blending the art of Timnadine with the art of cinema, we wish to refresh Morocco’s indigenous culture and to revive the legacy of the ancient poets who travelled from village to village, spreading the news of the resistance against colonialism and the Makhzen.

It is also a way of taking back the arts of our grandparents from the state which has promoted their degradation through their censorship, folklorization and cooptation. In some places, the state has tamed the rebellious narratives that ran through indigenous culture. In others, it has completely marginalized and censored it. Both, the Rif and Asamer, are part of the latter group of places.

By addressing this poem to the Rif, we hope it could be of help in boosting the morale of the free souls fighting for the cause, and strengthening the Rif’s spirit of resistance until victory.

Long live the Rif and down with its traitors
Long live Imider and down with its traitors

Imider-Alebban protest camp, July 12, 2017
Imider, Tinghir

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