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Morocco to reform its education to curb the Islamic extremism

Islamic extremism


Mustapha Akebdan, February 7, 2016

After a perpetual denial of the State responsibility on the surge of the violent Islamic extremism, the king of Morocco has ordered a reform of the religious material taught in the public and private schools. The goal of the reform is to emphasize the values of coexistence among different cultures and civilizations.

Over the last few years, Morocco has witnessed an increased number of public harassment cases especially targeting women and gays. Human rights activists like Ahmed Assid, have repeatedly called for an overhaul of the education programs to uphold the universal values of individual freedoms and to align it with the different human right conventions Morocco has signed.

Other North African countries like Egypt and Tunisia have already started similar reforms to address what is viewed a fundamental aspect of the ongoing epidemic of violent Islamic extremism.

About the author

Mustapha Akebdan is an Amazigh from Rif who writes for Amazigh world news.

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