Thursday , November 23 2017

Marseille to Hold the 12th Edition of Tamazgha Festival

Tamazgha festival is one of the most prominent events in the old continent, hosted in Marseille city, Southern France which brings together all the multicultural aspect of Amazigh Culture from all the regions of North Africa. The 12th edition this year, of this festival, is hosted by a team of young Amazigh activists on June 23-24, 2017 in Theatre ‘de la sucriere” in Marseille in southern France. the Event program will include lectures, exhibitions and live Amazigh Music featuring this year Azal Belkadi, Ezza and the legend Ait Menguellat.

June 23, 24 2017
Theatre De La Sucriere
Event Website:
06 95 51 04 72
Event Program:
Friday June 23th at 22h : Azal Belkadi & Ezza.
Saturday June 24th at 22h : Ait Menguellat


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