Sunday , December 10 2017

Largest Archive of Amazigh Music Stolen in Mrirt-Video


El Mekki Aguennouz.

Mrirt (AWN) | Hundreds of Musical records dating back to the last century and plenty of other musical equipment has been stolen from the library store of El Mekki Aguennouz, an Amazigh art researcher who spent his life collecting old Amazigh musical records.

“They used a crowbar and pushed through to force the door open,” said El Mekki Aknouz,

El Mekki put responsibility for the loss squarely on Ahmed Baucus Dean of the Royal Institute of the Amazigh Culture and Minister of Culture Mohammed Al-Subaihi for remaining inactive even after continuously trying to raise the awareness on preserving this old Treasure.

The Amazigh collector refused previously to sell in bulk his archive for $300k offered by a Canadian millionaire and art collector.


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