Monday , December 11 2017

Kabyle to open embassy in Rabat?

Manifestation-du-MAK-en-KabylieRabat (AWN) | According to information obtained by the Moroccan Online Newspaper HibaPress, the Provisional Government of Kabyle is preparing to demand that King Mohammed VI of Morocco to consider opening an embassy of Kabylie Republic in Rabat.

The News Paper added that Members of GPK’s has unanimously approved the request decision which will make the first step on pathway of openness to the world at large Begin by submitting applications to open diplomatic interests in a number of countries , including France, Mauritania, Senegal and Mexico.

The Provisional Government of Kabyle request was made following a statement by The Moroccan delegation at UN on October27, defending the right to self-determination of the Amazigh people of Kabylia who they have been at odds with Algeria’s government since independence.




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