Wednesday , February 21 2018

Idir refuses to perfrom in Algeria and Announced a new album date

Photos courtesy of huffpostmaghreb
Photos courtesy of huffpostmaghreb

Kabyle (AWN) | Idir, The Pioneer of Amazigh Music has said he refuses to perform in Algeria while Tamazight Language is not officially yet recognized as a national language in Algeria . Radio Tizi-Wezzu reported Saturday. Idir was the guest of the program hosted by Arzeki Azzouz who took advantage of Idir’s presence attending his tribute at Ait Yanni, his native region.

“The formalization of the Amazigh language is a principle to which I am fighting for since the 1970, Citing  Morocco as an example, a country that has integrated the formalization of the Amazigh language in its constitution”

During the same interview, Idir mentioned also that he might have been a little less active from touring lately , but he remains active in the studio as he has announced the release of a new album on April 20, 2016 along with the participation of big artist in the album, including Charles Aznavour who will be playing his big hit ” The bohemia ” in Tamazight of Kabyle ; in a addition to the Irish Singer-Songwriter Sinéad Marie Bernadette O’Connor, and the French artists Maxime le Forestier , Patrick Bruel and Bernard Lavilliers .



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