Monday , December 11 2017

Detention of Rif Protesters Continues in Morocco

RifAl Hoceima – AWN| The Amazigh world news has received information confirming that Silya Ziani and Nabil Ahamjik, two prominent figures of the ongoing protest in Rif region have been arrested early this morning by the Moroccan authorities and remains in detention.

As of now more than 70 Amazigh Activists of the Rif Movement reported detained among them is the leader of the movement, Nasser Zafzafi since the peaceful protests in al hoceima began. and several other cities in Rif region that saw Moroccan authorities mount a show of military force to suppress the protesters.

We renew our call for the Moroccan regime to end it’s gross violations of the human right, and Morocco must immediately and unconditionally drop all charges and free all detainees.

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