Monday , December 11 2017

Detained Rif Activists Launch Hunger Strike in Morocco Prison

Rif Detainees from left Nabil Ahamjik, Mouhamed Jelloul, Nasser Zafzafi, Silya Ziani and Mouhamed Elmajjaoui.


At least a dozen detainees arrested during the ongoing protests in Rif region, began refusing meals beginning yesterday, in a 72 hours hunger strike to protest the alleged poor treatment and miserable conditions at Morocco’s Oukacha prison, defense lawyers said on Thursday.

According to the same source, with reports of abuses in prison are mounting, for dozens packed into tiny cells while others like Nasser Zafzafi, Mohamed Jelloul, Mouhamed Elmajjaoui and Nabil Ahamjik are placed in solitary confinement cells.

The hunger strikers are calling for several basic demands, such as allowing them visits, letting the popular movement leaders to connect with the world, improve malnutrition as well as providing them with an opportunity to have access to pens and papers.

To investigate this critical case, the defense lawyers of the Rif detainees stated that they have contacted the Oukacha prison administration, on Thursday, but received no response.


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