Friday , February 23 2018

Coming soon: Google Chrome in Tifinagh

Google Chrome In TifinaghFollowing a large request by the Amazigh scholars to urge social networking sites including Google to integrate Tifinagh script in its Chrome browser, Google finally responded to these concerns with the following post:

“Fallback to the font Ebrima has now landed and if you have Windows 7 or newer Tifinagh characters will now be properly visible even if the page has not specified a suitable font.
This will be available in products based on Chromium M49 (so for instance Opera 36 or Chrome 49).
Long term I think the code that selects fallback fonts in Windows needs to be a bit smarter and find fonts itself.
Thanks for reporting this issue and let us know if there is something else to do. Sadly I could not find anyone working in the project (*hint*) that used the Tifinagh alphabet.”  Google Staff

Based on the email received, Google has officially agreed to fix the bug in the next Chrome 49 release knowing that current version is 47.

Click here to see Google’s response

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