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Ahmed Assid…a Free Thinker in a Country Controlled by Dogmatic Ideology

Ahmed Assid

by: Ahmed Zahiri, February, 2016

This is a very crucial point to be taken into account which is that Professor Ahmed Assid is a political activist who has harshly and confidently struggled from within a sick society. Besides being so intellectual, he is also too much aware of his broad and profound environment, and he is intellectually face to face with the heros of DOGMA challenging a strong wave of negative and pointless ideology.

He (like millions of Moroccans) is seeking a positive change through debating those that have caused millions of problems to the country and have opposed new ideas which is of course something that much scares them…Since Assid is courageous enough to structurally de-construct their dominant discourse and so capable of diagnosing the sick society and able to find the causes of the disease and attempt to provide the remedy, he got eventually classified as a threat to their existence and continuity to hold power….So, they came out with a plan which is to accuse him of saying such thing and doing such things, and again, The worst scenario is that these conservatives especially those in power have themselves been offensive to both Islam and people of Morocco by using the first as a means to shut the mouth of the brainy and by thinking that the latter couldn’t understand the political game.

Assid for me is Galili Galilio of Morocco- the country that still lives the psychology of the medieval ages. However, be hopeful if not certain that the renaissance of Morocco will come no matter what they do…beacuse they don t know that more than half Moroccans are all Assids. They all desire and deserve a great country reflects its own rich history..the real one and its natural and ethnic diversity. They want to live and see a country they can be proud of worldwide.

Assid is a national hero “period” standing for liberty, learned society, progressivness, civilized country, enlighetened and free thinking and humanity in its true sense, and simultaneaously standing against medieval aspect including and not being limited to ignorance,, narrow-mindedness, backwardness, dogmatic ideology and so on and so forth….he is an intellectual statue of a modern Morocco!!!!!… stop emphasizing what the enemies of change have kept saying to switch the public opinion into something else Assid has nothing to do with..!

About the author

Ahmed Zahiri is a human rights activist; He settles down in Boston Metropolitan, MA, USA. He is, as well, one of the active members of Moroccan American community and cultural center. Ahmed’s interests can be various which may include culture, literature, media, linguistics, interpreting and translating field. He writes for Amazigh World News in what concerns the Amazigh issues, identity, history and culture.

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