Friday , December 15 2017

ACAA launches Classes of Tamazight in Indianapolis

10599383_599061116871781_8585438295017434947_nIndianapolis (AWN) | Shortly after Ottawa-Hull in Canada, The Amazigh Cultural Association of America ACAA has also launched new classes to teach Tamazight for young children of the Amazigh community in Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana state.

Students will be introduced to Tamazight language through songs, games, and stories. Each week, the class will focus on fundamental greetings, common nouns and verbs, and simple phrases, all under the exploration of a specific theme. The goal of this introductory course is to lay foundations in sounds, vocabulary, and simple phrases while having fun and building confidence in Tamazight

“We believe that our language and culture are part of our personality, which is why it is the most important legacy that we bequeath to our children, says ACAA representative to an online newspaper”.  Then he added; “With this wonderful initiative, we hope that the Kabyle diaspora across the US and around the world will follow and give this ancient culture the importance it deserves”.

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