Monday , December 11 2017

Three-Year-Old Girl, Idya, Dies Due to Lack of Basic Hospital Equipment in Tinghir

Tinghir, Morocco | A community is shaken up over the death of a 3-year-old girl, Idya due to lack of medical care. According to her father, Driss Syfaks Fakhreddine, the young girl fell ill on Friday night and was taken to a local hospital in Tinghir, south Morocco, but nothing was done to treat the little angel due to lack of medical personnel, supplies, and medical equipment such as  CT scanners. The same thing applies to another hospital near Errachidia city, approximately 170 km of Tinghir. 

Her parents had no choice but to rush her to the government hospital in Fez, about 470 km from Errachidia, but unfortunately it was way too late. as the little girl suffered severe internal bleeding caused her to lapse into a coma… four hours after, Idya was pronounced dead at 9am on tuesday at Fez hospital, 470 km and 7 hours drive from her home town of Tinighir…


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