Sunday , December 10 2017

Thousands expected to Join Annual Tawada March for Amazigh rights

Marrakech (AWN) | Several hundred thousand people are expected to march through Marrakech on Sunday 24th during the annual Tawada March, which this year holds the them “Following the martyrdom of comrade Izm”.



The goal is to denounce the marginalization of the Amazigh culture and language and to condemn the ongoing violence committed against the Amazigh militants. More than a thousand Amazigh associations and militants from many regions have confirmed their attendance to the march.

Although the government and the parliament are trying to tackle every Amazigh Protest and seem to be annoyed and disturbed by the revival of the Amazigh identity of Morocco, which they argue is advocated by people who are supported by foreign parties whose goal is to divide the country. These government and parliament representatives believe that Morocco needs to become Arab only, in order to maintain the national unity.

These hurdles, nothing can stop or even slow down the machine of revival. The Amazigh heart is beating stronger than ever. Amazigh associations in North Africa, Europe and the USA are working very hard not only to preserve the Amazigh culture but also to fight Arab cultural dominance in North Africa.

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