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The US Support Committee of Rif Movement Strongly Condemns the Murder of Imad El Attabi

The US Support Committee of Rif Movement Strongly Condemns the Murder of Imad El Attabi

New York, August 9, 2017

Statement to national and international public opinion

Nine months after the tragic murder of the fish vendor Mouhsine Fikri on October 28, who was crushed in a garbage truck after he tried to retrieve stock from the compactor when it was confiscated by police. The Moroccan regime has once again resorted to its all-time policy of brutal repression against peaceful protesters in Rif and added yet another martyr to the list of their crimes in Rif region, Imad El Attabi, a 22-year-old from the northern city of Al-Hoceima, who fell into a coma after being wounded during a protest on July 20th, was pronounced dead yesterday august 8th at one of the military hospital in Rabat. El Attabi suffered severe head injuries, when Morocco police randomly fired a large volume of tear gas at civilians to disperse the peaceful protesters.

Based on the above, we at the the support committee of Rif movement in United States declare the following:

  • We strongly condemn this barbaric act by the security forces against the peaceful demonstrators in the Rif region.
  • We urge the Moroccan authorities to conduct a prompt, impartial and transparent investigation into the circumstances of Imad El Attabi’s murder and make it available for public
  • We denounce the policy of repression, bullying, detention and killing of civilians as well as grassroots Rif activists
  • We call on the hospital to hand over all medical records to the martyr’s family
  • We condemn all forms of restrictions on the right to protest
  • We hold the Moroccan state responsible of what happens and of any further deterioration of the situation in the region.
  • We support all the demands of the Rif Movement and urge an immediate response to it.
  • We condemn the indiscriminate arrests of the movement leaders and we demand their immediate and unconditional release.

The support committee of Rif movement in United states will continue it’s campaign to inform the American media, political institutions and general public as well as continuing to expose the Moroccan state’s repression of the Rif population and its peaceful protests.

The support committee of Rif movement in United states

New York

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