Sunday , February 18 2018

The Amazigh Supreme Council Condemning so-called “Libyan Arab Army”

Amazigh Supreme

In reference to the interview aired on France 24 TV Channel, with Khalifa Hafter in Paris, in 27/7/2017; and regarding the mentioned individual’s declaration on insistence and deliberate use of the name; Libyan Arab Army. Where he justified the use of the name by saying that the vast majority of Libyans are ethnic Arabs;

The Amazigh Supreme Council declares to the local and international community;

  • The Amazigh Supreme Council affirms that the so called Libyan Arab Army is a terrorist, racially based militia, and does not represent the Amazigh people of Libya. A real national army, is an army that includes all the ethnic groups of the Libyan society, and refrains from being affiliated with a particular ethnic group.
  • The Amazigh Supreme Council rejects the return of military rule under any pretext. The council strives for Libya to become a democratic civil state, built on the values of equality and pluralism, with civilian authority as the supreme authority in the country.
  • That individual’s declaration is a blatant violation to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and other international treaties and conventions.

The council reiterates the call for the international community to assume their legal responsibilities and commitments against such threatening actions.

Issued in Tripoli 30-07-2017


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