Saturday , October 21 2017

Tawiza festival celebrates its tenth edition

Tawiza Festival has become an annual event that is celebrated in Tangier for ten years. The Foundation of the Mediterranean festival of Tangier has started this experience with a clear & confident objective that is to promote the Amazigh culture as a component of the Moroccan identity.

This festival aims also to contribute the integration of the Amazigh culture & in different areas of the city, and the enrichment of cultural scene, and linguistic identity of this city.
This year edition comes under the theme “Culture is the elixir of life”. This philosophical concept aims to bringing together a large number of artists, poets and thinkers from the Mediterranean countries to draw a clear way for the future of Tamazight in the changes that the region is witnesses currently.

The Festival aims to encourage dialogue and exchange between civilizations and also create a cultural event in the city of Tangier which is the birthplace and inspiration of many greatest Moroccan and international thinkers & artists. The event is designed to participate in the development of economic and human resources of the region.

For more détails about the program check the following link:

Tawiza festival

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