Saturday , April 29 2017

Tamazight Keyboard Now Availbale in iOS

Tamazight Keyboard
Apple Inc ‘s newest iOS 9 mobile operating system features a new San Francisco font that it borrowed from Apple Watch. But one thing that received little attention was that the iPhone maker had integrated Tamazight keyboard at the launch of iOS 9 which used the Tifinagh unicode  The font is now available in the iOS 9 beta builds.

The Cupertino-based tech giant will roll out the final version of iOS 9 this fall with its refreshed iPhone.
To activate Tamazight Keyboard you need to go to setting->General->Keyboard->Keyboards-> Add New Keyboard and  Select Tamazight keyboard .

Now We hope Google will position itself on this trend and integrates Tifinagh soon in its Android operating system, as well as in Chrome browser.

Source: Apple


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