Saturday , October 21 2017

Tamazgha Builders: A New NGO Fights to Restore Old Amazigh Buildings and Sites

Tamazgha Builders is a non-profit membership organization founded to provide education, networking and outreach for old Amazigh heritage buildings and monuments in Algeria.

It was established on the principle that conservation of the built environment is fundamentally dependent on the work of skilled people in all of the traditional building trades who preserve, maintain and restore historic buildings, sites, and build architectural heritage for the future of young generations.

Membership to the organization is open to all. While many members are full-time, practicing tradespeople, Tamazgha Builders also includes architects, conservators, engineers, preservationists, home owners, adventurous, passionate students and interested members of the general public.

Tamazgha Builders Tamazgha Builders Tamazgha Builders Tamazgha Builders Tamazgha Builders

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