Tuesday , 21 February 2017
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Microsoft-owned SwiftKey Officially Debuts Tamazight


Another day, another new chapter in the inclusion of Tamazight language in modern technology. SwiftKey, the company behind Android’s most popular keyboard— Microsoft’s $250 million acquisition—has announced the implementation of Tifinagh script into its latest beta release of SwiftKey. The company also announced that the platform will rely on Amazigh scholar’s feedback to improve the technology for Tifinagh to incorporate it in a more ... Read More »

Agadez adds Tifinagh to Street Signs

Agadez (AWN) | Tifinagh, the traditional writing system of the Amazigh people of North Africa continues to expand, more and more as a means of preserving Amazigh—Tuareg identity, Some two-thirds of the estimated 1.5 million Tuareg living in Niger use their traditional language, Tamacheq, on a daily basis. It took a long time but, it’s official, now drive through parts of ... Read More »

Tifinagh on Display at California State University


Tifinagh, the Amazigh script used to write Tamazight languages spoken in North Africa is among 15 of the world’s most critically endangered scripts have been carved in wood and currently on display at Salz-Pollak Atrium at California State University Fullerton’s Pollak Library through mid-September. The exhibit is part of a project started in 2009 by Tim Brookes, a professor at Champlain College in Vermont. Source Read More »

Facebook Officially Launches Amazigh Language Version


Facebook, the leading social networking website, has officially launched its first Amazigh language version. Announcing this week a facility for its users to access the site in Amazigh language using Tifinagh alphabet on both desktop and mobile devices. With this, Amazigh Facebook users can fully access the site in Tifinagh alphabet however some feature will be rolled out in phases over the next few months. Facebook ... Read More »

Morocco Continues to Ban Amazigh Names

Amazigh Names

Meknes (AWN) | The Moroccan Interior Ministry has once again turned down a request of an Amazigh couple from Meknes by denying them the right to name their newborn daughter an Amazigh names “Yelli” “My Daughter” who was born on June 15th, 2016. Although the new Moroccan constitutional carry law giving Amazigh parents the absolute right to name their children Amazigh names, Amazigh people are still facing ... Read More »

Tunisian Amazigh Activist Maha Jouini Appointed Representative of AIDL for the MENA Region

Paris  (AWN) | Tunisian Amazigh Activist Maha Jouini has been appointed representative of International Alliance for the defending of Rights and Freedom “AIDL” in the Middle East and North Africa Regions (MENA), According to a statement released by the AIDL’s office. International Alliance for the defending of Rights and Freedom or AIDL is a French non-governmental organization devoted to defending human rights and ... Read More »

Algeria to adopt Tamazight as official language


Algiers (AWN) |  Algerian Minister and presidency’s cabinet director, Ahmed Ouyahia has announced the official implementation of Tamazight in the new constitution as the country’s official national language during his press conference held earlier today at Djenane El Mithak. Article III of the new constitution drafted stated  the adoption of Tamazight as the official national language of the country, and affirms also a full implementation, promotion ... Read More »

Coming soon: Google Chrome in Tifinagh

Following a large request by the Amazigh scholars to urge social networking sites including Google to integrate Tifinagh script in its Chrome browser, Google finally responded to these concerns with the following post: “Fallback to the font Ebrima has now landed and if you have Windows 7 or newer Tifinagh characters will now be properly visible even if the page has not specified a suitable font. This will ... Read More »

Aksel, a clothing company promoting a cultural identity

Aksel, is the first clothing line company to symbolize brand identity through it’s logo as well as the mission of promoting Amazigh Culture and freedom while building one of the best fashion companies in the globe. Based in New York and San Francisco, Aksel Group sells European men’s fashion at affordable prices from an exclusively online forum, a concept that has already ... Read More »