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In pictures: Hundreds March In Anti-Governement Protests In Al Hoceima

In Al Hoceima, despite the firing of the governor and several agency heads , thousands of Anti-Government protesters streamed through downtown of the northern city of Morocco, on Sunday, April 9th. waving Amazigh flags and chanting, “El Hogra (Social Injustice) can no longer be tolerated” keeping up pressure on Moroccan Monarchy months after a fishmonger was crushed to death in a garbage truck …

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Amazigh Movement in Morocco


By Helene E. Hagan Re: Winter 2009, Volume 43 (2) PAGES 168-177 – “Ni Sauvage, ni Barbare, The Cultivation of “culture” in the Moroccan Amazigh Movement“ by Paul Silverstein, Reed College. Review of Middle East Studies © 2009 Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA) Having just found this article on the internet, at the late date of February …

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The ‘International Number Ones’ Map Puts Morocco First For Argan Oil

International Number Ones

“Every country is best at something”, according to the ‘International Number Ones’  data visualization website Information is Beautiful. A map published on the website shows what countries around the world rank first for. “According to the 2016 data” Morocco is ranked best for “Argan oil.” – a speciality and a unique ingredient that’s been at the heart of Moroccan Amazigh cooking, medicinal purposes and traditional …

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Microsoft-owned SwiftKey Officially Debuts Tamazight


Another day, another new chapter in the inclusion of Tamazight language in modern technology. SwiftKey, the company behind Android’s most popular keyboard— Microsoft’s $250 million acquisition—has announced the implementation of Tifinagh script into its latest beta release of SwiftKey. The company also announced that the platform will rely on Amazigh scholar’s feedback to improve the technology for Tifinagh to incorporate it in a more …

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Morocco Continues to Ban Amazigh Names

Amazigh Names

Meknes (AWN) | The Moroccan Interior Ministry has once again turned down a request of an Amazigh couple from Meknes by denying them the right to name their newborn daughter an Amazigh names “Yelli” “My Daughter” who was born on June 15th, 2016. Although the new Moroccan constitutional carry law giving Amazigh parents the absolute right to name their children Amazigh names, Amazigh people are still facing …

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Mohamed chacha Dies at 61

Mohamed Chacha

It is with great sadness that we learn today of the passing of Mohamed Chacha at the age of 61 after a long battle with cancer. Chacha was an Amazigh Roman poet who has published several books in Tamazight such as “Rez Tabu ad teffegh tfuct” 1997, ” Ajdid umi yitwagg celwaw” 1998 and “Abrid yer yezran” 1999 … Mohamed …

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7 Reasons To Be Proud To Be Amazigh

If you were lucky enough to be born in Tamazgha-North Africa, then you probably don’t need a reminder about how incredible your cultural identity truly is. With the Amazigh New Year celebration just around the corner, we realized it’s a perfect time to point out some reasons to be proud you’re Amazigh. Amazigh people are one of the largest and oldest indigenous tribes in …

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Exploring Tamezret village in Tunisia | Documentary

At just a few miles away from west of the world famous town Matmata in Tunisia, there is a small Amazigh village of Tamezret (Ath Mizret)  known as a back-drop for the Star Wars movies, conveniently located along the road from Gabès to Douz, the doorway to the Sahara at the northern end of the Jebel Dahar. Nobody knows exactly when …

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Columbus did NOT discover the Americas and Moroccans are NOT Arabs

By Siham Tinhinan, October 11, 2015,In light of the state of utter pandemonium we live in, one has to practically be dead, to not realize that the injustices that has been inflicted upon indigenous populations around the world, are now coming back to force us to reconsider the falsehoods we once shamelessly accepted, and passed on as history. Christopher Columbus …

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Said Sifaw al-Mah’rouq: 19th Death Anniversary

The Libyan Amazigh, poet, linguist, and writer Said Sifaw el-Mah’rouq was born on the 18th of April 1946, in the Amazigh town of Jado, Nafousa Mountain, north-west Libya. His mother died when he was seven years old. His search for his “Tamazight” identity began when he was fifteen, but by the time he reached full maturity he found himself face …

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