Tuesday , August 22 2017

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Video: Moroccan Armored Military Vehicles Entering Al Hoceima


Looks like the Morocco regime isn’t taking the ongoing protests in Al Hoceima and entire Rif for granted. This Video Seems to show several Moroccan armored military vehicles entering the city of Al Hoceima on August 5th, Moroccan authorities had previously denied armored vehicles would be used against the protesters, yet rumors are predicting a potential visit of Mohamed sixth-King …

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Al Hoceima is Set for a Day of Mass Protest Despite Official Prohibition

Al Houceima

Even as the Morocco regime announced in a statement that it will not allow such march to take place in in Al Hoceima and will not hesitate to take all frantic security measures to ensure the implementation of this decision, – from bringing in thousands more of riot police men from other locations, to closing off roads and shutting internet …

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Amazigh Supreme Council of Libya Responds: “the Fatwa against Ibadhi Muslims is a direct incitement to ethnic and cultural genocide”

Amazigh Supreme Council

The Amazigh Supreme Council (ASC) of Libya responds strongly to the issued Fatwa by the High Commission of Fatwas affiliated with the so called Interim Government resides in the eastern of Libya. By Inas Miloud  July 18, 2017  The Fatwa came lately in the beginning of July to forbid the practice of Ibadhi branch of Islam and to refer to …

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Outrage After Viral Video of Nasser Zafzafi Being Humiliated


Rif community members and human rights activists expressed outrage Monday over an online video that shows the Rif movement leader Nasser Zafzafi being humiliated and forced to strip in front of a camera by Morocco police to prove he “isn’t being tortured”. The video was released after 6 weeks that Nasser reported torture and a rape attempt.

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Video: Morocco Police Block March to Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima

Video shows Lines of heavily armed Moroccan police blocking dozens of protesters on the road from advancing in the city of Al Hoceima to join there an ongoing mass protests. The protesters were peacefully marching from Tamassint village—30 km south from Al Hoceima— waving Amazigh flags and holding banners demanding the immediate release of all detainees of the Rif protests.

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Protest on the Beach in Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima

Despite the harassment and security siege imposed by Morocco police, Protesters of ‘Hirak’ Rif took to ‘Sfiha’ beach in Ajdir—a few kilometers away from Al Hoceima—on Saturday as a new spin on their resistance to the escalating mass arrests and police violence by Morocco authorities against the ongoing non-violent Rif protests.

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Photos & Video: New York Rally in Solidarity With Rif


New York July 1 2017 | Amazigh American rallied together in solidarity for the citizens of Rif on Saturday afternoon, and called on the US government and public opinion “to assist in protecting human rights and ending human rights abuses and to put pressure for a long-lasting repression in the Rif region.” The event, which took place in New York union …

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Libyan Amazigh Protest in Solidarity with Rif People


Libyan Amazigh activists have held a rally in Libya in support of the long-suffering people of Rif in their struggle against Morocco government oppression and arbitrary arrests and detentions of Riffian human rights activists, civilians, journalist and opposition figures. The protests in Rif region began since late October, as a reaction to the death of a young fish vendor, Mouhcine Fikri, who was …

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