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Tuareg People Under Attack In Libya

Khalifa Haftar

On March 18, 2017,  General Khalifa Haftar’s forces — known as the Libyan Arab army— exhumed graves and took out a number of dead bodies from the Tuareg tribe in the Benghazi neighbourhood of Ganfouda and wandered with them in the streets.

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The Amazigh Film Festival Celebrates its 8th Edition in Boston

Amazigh Film Festival

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming eighth annual presentation of the AMAZIGH FILM FESTIVAL, a project of the Tazzla Institute for Cultural Diversity. Our mission, since the day of its inception in 2008, has been to showcase indigenous North African Amazigh films, actors, directors, producers, and artists in the United States. The AMAZIGH FILM FESTIVAL was officially trademarked in …

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Video: Fantasia, Amazigh Women Against Tradition

BBC Africa uncovering the story of some young Amazigh women breaking tradition and joining the Amazigh men in the dangerous Fantasia sport. The fantasia is a warrior ceremony which consists of opposing various groups of horse riders, each representing the best riders warriors of their tribes to compete in a specific day. known as “Mossem”.

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7 Reasons To Be Proud To Be Amazigh

If you were lucky enough to be born in Tamazgha-North Africa, then you probably don’t need a reminder about how incredible your cultural identity truly is. With the Amazigh New Year celebration just around the corner, we realized it’s a perfect time to point out some reasons to be proud you’re Amazigh. Amazigh people are one of the largest and oldest indigenous tribes in …

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Dihya biography and life story

Dihya was an Amazigh warrior queen who lived in the 7th century in the Aures region,which is in eastern Algeria and western Tunisia, North Africa. She fought against the Arab invasion across North Africa.

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Call To Artists – Sculpture Competition of King Massinissa

king Massinissa

Algiers (AWN) | Hashemi Aasad the Algerian Secretary-General of the High Commission of the Amazigh language announces a monumental public sculpture competition for the best statue project of King Massinissa which was already planned by HCA to be placed up in the center of Algiers city. The Committee invites all professional and amateur artists for a chance to exhibit their work to gain recognition and win up …

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Ghadames as capital of Arab heritage, angers Amazigh

Zuwarah (AWN) | The declaration of Ghadames as capital of Arab heritage 2016 by the high committee for Arab media Production in Cairo, have fueled a torrent of criticism and anger among the Amazigh Community in Libya, who perceive it a as a clear case of discrimination and continuation of the blurring of Amazigh culture and identity across North Africa which historically known as the land of …

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The Kahina: The Female Face of Berber History

By Cynthia Becker, November 2, 2015,  In the seventh century CE, an Arab army swept across North Africa with the goal of conquest, only to be defeated by a female warrior who led the resistance against their military advances. Commonly referred to as the “Kahina,” meaning “seer” in Arabic, this brave and defiant woman belonged to a Judaized Berber tribe …

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Columbus did NOT discover the Americas and Moroccans are NOT Arabs

By Siham Tinhinan, October 11, 2015,In light of the state of utter pandemonium we live in, one has to practically be dead, to not realize that the injustices that has been inflicted upon indigenous populations around the world, are now coming back to force us to reconsider the falsehoods we once shamelessly accepted, and passed on as history. Christopher Columbus …

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