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Massinissa statue will soon be up in Algiers

Algiers (AWN) | King of Numidia, Massinissa’s statue will soon rise in Algiers grounds, the capital city of Algeria, just a few steps from “Fouara place”  in the midle of the city. Secretary-General, Hashemi Aasad of the High Commission for Amazigh, told El Djoumhouria newspaper on Friday during his visit to thier annual forum. The Secretary General of HCA added that the ... Read More »

The Kahina: The Female Face of Berber History

By Cynthia Becker, November 2, 2015,  In the seventh century CE, an Arab army swept across North Africa with the goal of conquest, only to be defeated by a female warrior who led the resistance against their military advances. Commonly referred to as the “Kahina,” meaning “seer” in Arabic, this brave and defiant woman belonged to a Judaized Berber tribe ... Read More »

Massinissa, king of Numidia

By Mr. A. Haddadou, June 30, 2015 , MASSINISSA whose name was transcribed MSNSN on the libyques steles – with probably reading farmhouse N SEN “their lord” – wasthe son of king Gaïa. One knows very few things of Gaïa but it is known that under the direction of this sovereign, the kingdom massyle had started to reach a high ... Read More »