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Libyan Amazigh Woman Activist Named 2016 Recipient of Luxembourg Peace Prize

Asma Khalifa

By Inas Miloud The Amazigh Woman Activist Asma Khalifa from Libya has been awarded Luxembourg Peace Prize as the Outstanding Youth Peace Maker. The Luxembourg Peace Prize is a recognition to Khalifa’s contributions in the world as a key player to support peace-building, promoting peace and conflict resolution! Beside her work in sustaining peace, Asma Khalifa is a prominent young women’s rights ... Read More »

International Mother Language Day And Its Relevance to Tamazight


International Mother Language Day is an annual celebration that was proclaimed by UNESCO’s General Conference in November 1999. The International Day has been observed every year since February 2000 to promote multilingualism and cultural diversity. “Languages Matter!” Tamazight language matters! Languages are the most powerful instruments of preserving and developing our tangible and intangible heritage. All moves to promote the ... Read More »

IIYO Calls for Internal Dialogue in Ubari, Southern Libya


Imuhagh International youth Organization for Justice and equality (IIYO), has been following the situation of the Touareg people Ubari, southern Libya closely and draw the information together and find, based on the reports of witnesses, and human rights workers, the situation of the Touareg is not just one of ethnic cleansing but, according to the legal definition, genocide. According to IIYO, ... Read More »

Amazigh Supreme Council in Libya, Statement 3 of year 2015/2965

Statement 3 of the Amazigh Supreme Council in Libya in regard of its position on the agreement between Libya’s two rival governments, was signed in Skhirat, Morocco on Thursday, December 17th, 2015. The Statement below was developed by Amazigh Supreme Council in Libya “In response to the involvement of the International Community and the conflict sides in Libya, concerning the exclusion of ... Read More »

Moroccan teachers of Tamazight needed in Libya

Libya (AWN) | Due to a shortage of qualified Amazigh teachers, Libyan government-sponsored program to bring experienced teachers from Morocco who are academically qualified to teach Tamazight in local Libyan universities. After decades of being banned from even teaching their language under Muammar Qaddafi’s dictatorship , who declared Libya purely Arab. tamazight was suppressed, Amazigh names were forbidden, and Amazighs’ role in Libya’s history was downplayed ... Read More »

Said Sifaw al-Mah’rouq: 19th Death Anniversary

The Libyan Amazigh, poet, linguist, and writer Said Sifaw el-Mah’rouq was born on the 18th of April 1946, in the Amazigh town of Jado, Nafousa Mountain, north-west Libya. His mother died when he was seven years old. His search for his “Tamazight” identity began when he was fifteen, but by the time he reached full maturity he found himself face ... Read More »