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ASC Officially Announces Amazigh New Year’s Day as a Public Holiday in Libya

Amazigh New

Tripoli – Libya | In accordance with the resolutions of the local governments of the Tamazight speaking regions in year 2012 AD, regarding Amazigh New Year Holiday; And in reference to; – The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. – Resolution of the Amazigh Supreme Council number 3, of year 2013 AD, regarding designating the first day …

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Amazigh New Year Celebration in Zuwarah, Libya


BY INAS MILOUD As part of the Amazigh New Year’s celebrations, At-Welol Movement in collaboration with other civil society organization based in Zuwarah in Libya, organizing a festival and many cultural activities to celebrate the coming of the new year as well as to revive the tradition of holding the Amazigh new year’s tradition in Libya . The event will be …

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Statement By ASC: The War Against Amazigh of Libya

Amazigh of Libya

Libya | Amazigh Supreme Council ASC continues to monitor closely the grave violations committed against Amazigh of Libya among them, the recent kidnapping in Benghazi of Mr. Rabi Al-Jaiash of the city of Qala, by the Arab Army Militias lead by Haftar, on the bases of Mr. Al-Jaiash‘s speaking and writing in Tamazight language. Furthermore, the recent kidnapping, torture, and …

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ASC-Libya Releases Statement on Racial Remarks Made by Libyan Officials

Amazigh Supreme Council

In reference of the observations of the Amazigh Supreme Council (ASC) of recent racist statements of individuals considering themselves in position of authority in Libya, and the reiteration of those statements by several officials representing institutions auto-proclaiming legitimacy in the state; to a level where some of them are warning that Libya is “under a threat of becoming an African …

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The Amazigh Supreme Council Condemning so-called “Libyan Arab Army”

Amazigh Supreme

In reference to the interview aired on France 24 TV Channel, with Khalifa Hafter in Paris, in 27/7/2017; and regarding the mentioned individual’s declaration on insistence and deliberate use of the name; Libyan Arab Army. Where he justified the use of the name by saying that the vast majority of Libyans are ethnic Arabs; The Amazigh Supreme Council declares to …

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Libyan Amazigh Protest in Solidarity with Rif People


Libyan Amazigh activists have held a rally in Libya in support of the long-suffering people of Rif in their struggle against Morocco government oppression and arbitrary arrests and detentions of Riffian human rights activists, civilians, journalist and opposition figures. The protests in Rif region began since late October, as a reaction to the death of a young fish vendor, Mouhcine Fikri, who was …

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Tuareg People Under Attack In Libya

Khalifa Haftar

On March 18, 2017,  General Khalifa Haftar’s forces — known as the Libyan Arab army— exhumed graves and took out a number of dead bodies from the Tuareg tribe in the Benghazi neighbourhood of Ganfouda and wandered with them in the streets.

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