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International Women’s Day: Honoring Amazigh Women

Amazigh woman

International Women’s Day is an annual celebration of the respect, honor and appreciation towards women across the world. In recent years, the annual event has gained decent recognition, giving a chance to celebrate achievements in the women’s movement and to inspire further progress through both local and international action. On this occasion, the Amazigh World News team would like to take this opportunity …

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Amazigh Egypt – Short Film by ACU Students

Amazigh Egypt

“Amazigh Egypt”  is a short film about the life of Amazigh people of Egypt and their traditional practices, knowledge and ways of life, the cultural heritage … from spiritual, cultural, social and economic aspects. The film is written and produced by Ahram Canadian University of Media and Journalism students (ACU), and has been selected as one of the 25 featured films in this year’s Oscar …

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Morocco to reform its education to curb the Islamic extremism

Islamic extremism

  Mustapha Akebdan, February 7, 2016 After a perpetual denial of the State responsibility on the surge of the violent Islamic extremism, the king of Morocco has ordered a reform of the religious material taught in the public and private schools. The goal of the reform is to emphasize the values of coexistence among different cultures and civilizations. Over the last …

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The History of Siwa Oasis

According to scientific research dating from the beginning of the last century, Siwa oasis was populated in prehistoric times by people who came from civilisations further west. Their culture and way of life shared much with those of Libya, North Africa and the Nile valley. Since ancient times, from the Greek to Roman eras and on to the Middle Ages, …

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