Tuesday , 21 February 2017
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NEW BOOK: Berbers and Numidian Ruins of Antiquity


The Book is written by the Algerian author Yazid Bedjoudjou and Reneme Reh, the book aims to satisfy the needs of people looking  to Learn about The Amazigh people, of North Africa a civilization that history forgot. A people ruled by powerful, beloved and respected kings and Queens. Learn about men who fought on the backs of elephants. A people ... Read More »

Berbers, Traditional Tribes of Morocco


By Margaret Jackson, Spend any amount of time in Morocco, and you’re bound to trip across one of the most defining characteristics of the country:the Berbers. As the original inhabitants of Morocco, they are rightly proud of the contributions they’ve made in shaping the country. With a unique language and culture, the Berbers stand out as one of last bastions ... Read More »