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Azawad: New Group Created Following Split


Differences of opinion, philosophy major goals and objectives have prompted members of the National Movement for the Liberation of the Azawad (MNLA) to split from the movement and start a new group under the name of Mouvement pour le Salut de l’Azawad (MSA). The MSA is an initiative led by two former MNLA figures, Moussa Ag Acharatoumane and Assalat Ag Habi. While ... Read More »

Azawadians Celebrate Independence Day Declaration in Kidal


  For Azawad people,  April 6, holds a special place in their hearts, it’s the 4th anniversary of Azawad’s Declaration of Independence. Azawad was declared an independent state by the National Movement for the Liberation of the Azawad MNLA in 2012 after a Tuareg rebellion drove the Malian Army from the territory. MNLA sought to establish an independent Saharan state in northern Mali with ... Read More »

Mali: A peace deal to promote conflict


By Jeremy Keenan June 2, 2015. Twenty-eight months after France’s military intervention in Mali in January 2013 to end the Islamist extremist insurgency and Mali’s “crisis”, a much-trumpeted peace signing ceremony was scheduled to be held in the capital, Bamako, on 15 May 2015. The intended signatories were the Mali government, a number of government-backed militia and the Coordination for the ... Read More »

Mali and Azawad independence obscured


By Nuunja Kahina on June 26, 2015 — You will, by now, have read one article or another about the French intervention in northern Mali, the general gist of which is that Islamic extremists trying to take over the country and destroy Mali. You will have read about music being banned and a strict interpretation of shari’a law being implemented in the ... Read More »