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Statement by the Support Committee of Rif Movement in U.S.A on the Situation in Rif



New York, Thursday, 4th May 2017 |  The Support Committee of Rif Movement in U.S.A  which was recently formed  in response to the recent tragic events Rif region are deeply concerned about recent actions taken by the Moroccan government in Al Hoceima and the entire Rif region against peaceful protestors.  It is for this purpose that we affirm the following:

  • We affirm our longstanding support for the mission of the committee of people’s movement in Rif
  • We stand behind our Rif people’s right to democracy, to demonstrate peacefully and to freedom. The regime has to listen to the protesters, take them seriously and end brutal repression.
  • We renew the call for a full-scale  investigation into Mouhcine Fikri’s death and justice for all martyrs of the Amazigh cause, We demand, therefore, the punishment of all responsible for the killings of innocent citizens who receive minor to no punishment.
  • We urge the Moroccan state to respond quickly and immediately to the legitimate demands of the committee of people’s movement in Rif. In the short term we urge the Moroccan Government to lift the heavy militarisation in the province of Al Hoceima, Nador and surrounding areas
    At the same time, we would like to express our strong condemnation to the Moroccan government for:
  • The use of military siege and other force as a strategy to bully, intimidate and tackle the protesters from freely moving across across the Rif region.
  • We condemn the use of violence against peaceful demonstrators, and we urge Moroccan government to live up to it’s international obligation, including those regarding human rights.
  • We condemn the Moroccan government for using ‘Thugs’ against Rifain peaceful protesters and we denounce their passive response toward the the burning of Amazigh flag which is a reckless act that undermines the respect of people’s feeling and encourage to more severely actions.

In addressing the current situation, in order to provide the necessary and adequate protection for the peaceful protesters, and with the approval of the movement’s leaders In Morocoo , we affirm that will we issue an open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the US Congress as well as other international human rights advocacy organizations.

The Support Committee of Rif Movement in United States of America

New York

May, 4th, 2017

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