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Rif Protesters Defiant Despite Government Repression

By Siham Tinhinan, May 18, 2017

The Rif protests against its marginalization and the historically well documented, systematic mistreatment of its people. Peacefully protesting and asking the Moroccan government to sit and negotiate their primarily socioeconomic legitimate demands, and to rescind the militarization Dahir (executive order).

Instead, the Moroccan system AKA Makhzen, brought in thousands more of well equipped troops from every unit of oppression that exists in the country and declared their region a militarized zone ‘Police State’. Furthermore, and because of their recent history (early to mid last century) when the whole of Morocco was under heavy French Occupation, an occupation made possible solely through the collaboration, plotting and treason of the Alaouites sultans that reigned the country at the time.

A leader of the Rif resistance at the time leaded by Mouhamed Abdelkrim El khattabi  succeeded in deterring the occupying forces out of Rif and declared it an autonomous democratic territory, much to the dismay of France, Spain and the traitors who signed the entire country of Morocco over to them. 

Furthermore, the ruling family, the Alaouite, conspired with the vanquished Spaniard in the battle of Annual to exact revenge on the Rif populace by dropping the deadly mustard gas on millions of unprotected civilians.

Today, the entire Rif is protesting the ongoing marginalization, humiliation and subhuman conditions under which they live and demand that the ban and the revenge on its populace halts immediately and for the region to start develop so as to reach the 21st century already through the building of universities and hospital and other economically solid projects so that the region can sustain itself.

Instead of sitting at the negotiation table, the Moroccan government portrays the Rif people as separatists in an effort to justify its policy of intimidation and violence against unarmed and nonviolent protesters so that it could garner national support for its barbarism in the region.

However, in this day and age when phones are all equipped with picture and video taking capabilities, and social medias allow live events to be podcasted on the spot, it has become increasingly difficult for the Moroccan war machine to stand by its lies any longer.

Siham Tinhinan

is a human right activist living in the United States who writes occassionally for Amazigh world news

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