Tuesday , March 28 2017

Omar Khaleq, Another Fallen Victim of Amazigh Struggle

Omar Khaleq
Amur n Wakuch (AWN) | Omar Khaleq “Izm”, 27, who had been in hospital since the brutal attack last weekend by the barbarian mercenaries of the Polisario Front inside Ibn Tofail University in Marrakech, Morocco. has died of his injuries early Wednesday morning. MCA say.

Izm (Lion), Bachelor’s degree in history, was an Amazigh militant of Amazigh Cultural Movement (MCA) Amur n Wakuch who spent his life defending his culture. Izm was never afraid to back down from any confrontation against the forces of darkness. According to his comrades.

Amazigh Cultural Movement (MCA ) condemned “the brutal assault that led to the martyrdom” of Omar Khaleq, labeling it “a barbaric act that cannot be tolerated or accepted, We will take the necessary measures after the results of the investigation into the incident,”…. “Justice will take place somehow…” MCA said, declaring three days of mourning.

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