Friday , February 23 2018

New York Rally in Solidarity with Rif and Tamazgha

This Friday, May 26th from 2PM to 4PM, the support committee of Rif movement in USA and the Amazigh Movement in USA will host a rally outside United Nations headquarters in New York in solidarity with the ongoing protests in Rif regions in particular as well as entire Tamazgha where the Amazigh people of North Africa have been facing a long history of marginalization and discrimination by the North African regimes.

The protests in Al Hoceima started on 28 October when Mouhcine Fikri, 31, a fish seller was reportedly crushed to death by a garbage truck after he jumped into a garbage truck trying to retrieve confiscated merchandise by Moroccan Authorities. But quickly escalated to an ongoing protests demanding better socioeconomic conditions towards a marginalized region that has been deliberately shunned from the state’s general policies.

To get in touch with the organizer for more info please call 646-322-0505 or follow the Facebook event by clicking here 

Amazigh Rally



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