Sunday , January 21 2018

New York Berber Film Festival 2016


Amazigh Film FestivalWhen:
Thursday, June 2 & Fri, June 3, 2016
LaGuardia Performing Arts Center
Little Theater
Event Website:
718 482 5151

Berbers, also known as the Imazighen, are the native peoples of North Africa. Films in Berber languages depicting Berber cultures were banned in North Africa until the 1990s, yet a vibrant video and film production has begun to emerge, exploring the human dramas of childhood, the struggle for education, and emigration. They have lived as farmers, craftspeople and merchants in these rugged lands between sea and desert for millennia. Today they represent a vibrant example of indigenous minorities within the larger Semitic world who strive to maintain their ethnic and linguistic identities despite an increasingly sectarian nationalism and a conservative understanding of Islam. Through a selection of illuminating shorts, documentaries and features, the Berber Film Festival is proud to present these dissonant voices and their captivating tales of the Berber universe.


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