Friday , December 15 2017

New Amazigh-Catalan dictionary

New Amazigh-Catalan Dictionary

After several months of serious work, The University of Barcelona in partnership with the Amazigh’s House of Catalunya has just released a new Amazigh – Catalan dictionary with a new plan for facilitating the study of both languages.

The dictionary was compiled by Carles Múrcia, Professor of Linguistics at University of Barcelona, and it is currently available for purchase online and  in many of the- book-stores in Barcelona the capital of Catalunya

The book contains about 20,000 entries in the Catalan – Amazigh roots and 4,000 in the Catalan – Amazigh. which can help the education and the media system in order to meet the educational needs of Tamazight teaching classes in Catalunya, where Tamazight is considered as the third most spoken language after Catalan and Spanish,

The dictionary concludes with an appendix of more than 1,000 Anthroponyms (names of persons).

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