Thursday , November 23 2017

Morocco Court Sentences Nine Rif activists to Between a year to 20 Years in Prison


Yesterday, August 29th, nine of the Rif activists from Al Hoceima and surrounding area such as Imzouren, Boukidan and Ait Bouayach have been sentenced to between a year to 20 years in prison.
Here is the full list of Rif activists names along with their sentences :

1. Ouadif El Kamouni : 1 year in prison.
2. Anouar Amjout : 2 years in prison.
3. Said El Mrabet : 2 years in prison.
4. Chakir El Iadi : 2 years in prison.
5. Farid Ait Âmer Ouîssa : 3 years in prison.
6. Salah Chaâbout : 3 years in prison.
7. Abdelhaï Aheddouch : 3 years in prison.
8. Âbed Benyoussef : 3 years in prison.
9. Jamal Oulad Abdennbi :20 years in prison.

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