Wednesday , February 21 2018

Moroccan teachers of Tamazight needed in Libya

10599383_599061116871781_8585438295017434947_nLibya (AWN) | Due to a shortage of qualified Amazigh teachers, Libyan government-sponsored program to bring experienced teachers from Morocco who are academically qualified to teach Tamazight in local Libyan universities.

After decades of being banned from even teaching their language under Muammar Qaddafi’s dictatorship , who declared Libya purely Arab. tamazight was suppressed, Amazigh names were forbidden, and Amazighs’ role in Libya’s history was downplayed in textbooks. For Amazighs, Libya’s 2011 uprising was a chance to reassert their culture.

This year, Libya’s governement declared Tamazight an essential component of Libyan society and authorized schools including universities to teach them as optional subjects.
The libyan education ministry in partenship with the Amazigh Supreme Council has begun funding and implementing new strategies for Tamazight including the formation of new Amazigh Libyan teachers on both short and long term.

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