Tuesday , November 21 2017

Local Authorities in ‘Errachidia’ Refuses to Register a Child With Amazigh Name

Amazigh First Name

Once again, the Local authorities in the Errachidia in southeast Morocco, refuses to register a little girl with an Amazigh first name ” Silya “. Ironically, Silya has already been registered by the civil administration of the city of Taroudant, in southern Morocco. The officer at the office of the Department of Civil Status argued that the first name in question is not authorized.

The Amazigh World News team and the Amazigh community in the USA is outraged by this discriminatory behavior and urge the Moroccan officials to make an end of these type of excessive power harassment and to cancel “the listing of authorized first names” which is nothing less than a discriminatory tool against Moroccan Amazighs.

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