Wednesday , February 21 2018

Ithran Band Back With a New Release

Ithran is an Amazigh word that means stars. The band was created in 1984. Despite inadequate resources, the group managed to break through to become the spokesman of the song of Rif. The first album of Ithran recorded in 1986 was a huge success with 600,000 sales. This success has strengthened the confidence of the group and gave them the courage to continue

The reputation of the training goes beyond borders. They are invited to the BRT, Radio Television Belgium, Flemish, in June1990 as part of the ‘Atlas’to play two concerts in Brussels, BelgiumOld Hall’, and Antwerp, Berchem Cultural Centre Hall, in two biggala, and another in Amsterdam organized by an Amazigh association. With over 20 CDs and cassettes interpreted and written either by group or by members in solo, the group remains a star in the Amazigh music that continues to shine high in the sky.

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