Tuesday , November 21 2017

In Morocco: Arrested Rif Teenage Girls Released With Conditions

Houda Jelloul

Shortly after speaking in a live video calling all women in and around Al Houceima city to take to the streets to protest until all Rif detainees are released, Houda Jelloul, 14 years old, daughter of prominent Rif activist Mohamed Jelloul, was arrested on Monday night, along with another teenager named Nawal El Moussaoui, According to her uncle Said Jelloul;

“Houda disappeared shortly after she joined the protests, so we knew right away it had something to do with Morocco’s national security”. The arrest was later on confirmed by Morocco authorities.

After spending nearly 5 hours in detention, Houda and Nawal were released, according to Houda’s uncle, the teenagers have suffered verbal abuse and threatened with imprisonment if she ever decides to go video live again to call for protest.

Said Jelloul added that both girls are still appears strong and determined to continue the fight to fight and continue the protests movement until the release of all detained Rif activists, including her father, Mohamed Jelloul.

Facebook Live video of Houda Jelloul; 


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