Friday , February 23 2018

IIYO Calls for Internal Dialogue in Ubari, Southern Libya

Imuhagh International youth Organization for Justice and equality (IIYO), has been following the situation of the Touareg people Ubari, southern Libya closely and draw the information together and find, based on the reports of witnesses, and human rights workers, the situation of the Touareg is not just one of ethnic cleansing but, according to the legal definition, genocide.

TuaregAccording to IIYO, the war is not between Tabu Tuaregs but it is due to the support of external and internal militias driven from several parties and coalition. What is happening in Ubari is not a tribal war between the Tuareg and Tabu as rumored in various media. but it is for the purpose of ethnic cleansing of the Tuareg in Ubari.

The IIYO went on to add that dialogue is the only way to accomplish the peace without resorting to physical force or invoking the authority of law, added that IIYO is about to send an official claim to Local and International Government Agencies and NGO’S  «about the violations committed against unarmed civilians and to hold accountable those involved in the commission of war crimes against the Tuareg people»

The IIYO is intended to be an international NGO dedicated solely to defend the cause of the Imuhagh people of Sahara through a series of political, cultural and humanitarian initiatives.

Click here to read the third statement concerning the ethnic cleansing of the Tuaregs in Ubari( Southern Libya)

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