Wednesday , February 21 2018

Ifrane to host 8th annual Amazigh World Assembly conference

12208763_1522004918121754_5127701797119519684_nRabat (AWN) | The Amazigh World Assembly (AMA) in collaboration with “Le monde Amazigh” newspaper, The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, and Amazigh associations in Morocco will host the 8th Annual of the Amazigh World Assembly November 27-28-29 in Ifrane in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco.

The conference will be held under the theme: ” What are shared and social values ​​of Amazigh people in North Africa”  focusing to highlight the societal project of Amazigh as indigenous peoples ,and their values based on gender and citizens equality to all citizens regardless of religion, skin color or gender,  and on the concept of secularism, which is separation of religion from state affairs because by promoting these values you secure the Amazigh citizens to get involved in strengthening the democratization of their countries against political Islam.

The countries of North Africa (Tamazgha) were the first countries that led the “Revolutions”, Spring uprisings of peoples and they have gone through tremendous struggles to ensure the Changes they fought for “democratic transitions”, due to the different political problems and structural and / or cyclical crises they face, mainly because of the obsolete ideologies of the conservative and Salafists, who challenge the democratization of these countries.

The Amazigh World Assembly (AMA) is a Non-Governmental Organization that defends the rights of indigenous Amazigh people, created by a group of Amazigh activists on 2011 in Brussels capital of Belgium.

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