Sunday , February 18 2018

Hicham Alaoui: Morocco’s Future Depends on Rif’s Hirak Protests Movement

“Morocco’s future depends on Rif’s ‘Hirak‘ Protest Movement and Riffian protesters are not separatists” Hicham Alaoui said on Wednesday, October 18th while giving a keynote lecture at Harvard Kennedy School under the topic of “What does Arabness mean in an era of revolution?”. He added: ” This crisis is, of course not new, but had surfaced in Morocco quite strongly in the past months due to the government’s economic policies, its repression of all critics, a mafia-style corruption and the failure of political institutionalization. 

Prince Hicham Alloaui of Morocco is the first cousin of the current King Mohammed VI, he is known as “Red Prince” because of his progressive political positions. More recently, he has become an outspoken advocate for greater democracy in Morocco and the broader Middle East. He regularly speaks on these issues at public forums around the world, among them the University of Harvard University and Yale University. He has also published numerous essays on political reform and democracy in English, French, and Arabic language journals and newspapers.

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