Friday , December 15 2017

Ghadames as capital of Arab heritage, angers Amazigh

Covered Walkways in Ghadames
Covered Walkways in Ghadames

Zuwarah (AWN) | The declaration of Ghadames as capital of Arab heritage 2016 by the high committee for Arab media Production in Cairo, have fueled a torrent of criticism and anger among the Amazigh Community in Libya, who perceive it a as a clear case of discrimination and continuation of the blurring of Amazigh culture and identity across North Africa which historically known as the land of the Amazigh way before the Arab invasion from the east.

“It’s insulting,”  says an Amazigh Activist from Zwara, Another activist added  “It’s crazy to ignore Amazigh culture, especially Ghadames which is a icon of Amazigh tradition.”

Following the declaration, local Amazigh activist in Libya, have launched a campaign as a protest against the award,  Meanwhile another contest is being organised by the Amazigh people across the world to select the most beautiful Amazigh city/town in North Africa, Ghadames is being nominated.


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