Thursday , February 22 2018

Film : Saint Augustine of Hippo, The Greatest Amazigh Saint Of The Roman Empire

Saint Augustine
Augustine: The Decline of the Roman Empire (2010)

‘Saint Augustine : The Decline of the Roman Empire’ uses a historic backdrop to tell the true story of Augustine of Hippo also known as St. Augustine or St. Austin,— one of the most remarkable Amazigh-Berber leaders and thinkers of late Christian Rome who was born in 354 in Thagaste (present-day Souk Ahras, Algeria)—.

The story is about one of the Catholic Church’s most beloved and well-known Saints who pursues fame and fortune without a moral compass — and the changes that occur when events lead him to see the light. It also chronicles the collapse of the Roman world and how Augustine laid the intellectual foundations of what became Europe.

The film is directed by Christian Duguay, and was shot on location in Tunisia and the united states. Starring by Alessandro Preziosi, Franco Nero and Monica Guerritore. The film is distributed under the title Restless Heart: The Confessions of Saint Augustine.

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