Friday , December 15 2017

Detained Amazigh Militants Starts Hunger Strike in Ghardaïa Prison

Ghardaïa | AWN – Detained Amazigh Militant and former head of the Human Rights League in the Ghardaïa province Kamel Eddine Fekhar began a hunger strike along with his comrade Kacem Soufghalem since 15-11-2016 at “El Menia prison” in Ghardaïa , to urge the Alegerian authorities to grant him an unconditionally release or else grant him a fair trial with proper legal access and defense.

Representative of the Movement for the Autonomy of Mzab, Salah Abbouna, released today the following statement;

Dr Kamel Eddine Fekhar begins an open hunger strike with militant detainee Kacem Soufghalem since 15-11-2016 in Menia prison in Tagherdayt to denounce their arbitrary arrest with 35 other Mozabites detainees more than 16 months without evidence and without trial, and To demand their release, after having proved their innocence of the accusations fabricated against them, especially after the statements of Ammar Sadani secretary of the FLN in which accused the involvement of the chief DRS Algeria Retired Gen. Toufik in the events of Tagherdayt 2013-2015.
The prisoners on hunger strike suffered harassment and torture in prison, where they were isolated in individual cells, without mattresses and blankets and did not prevent the matter from sugar, which aggravated their health. And this has decided 35 Mozabites detainees in the case of Dr. Fekhar are engaging in a strike in Menia and Tagherdayt prison next week, where there are among the detainees older men aged over 60 years, and others with chronic diseases and handicapped, their health qnd psychological deteriorated as a result of arbitrary detention without any charge more than 16 months. The Movement for the Autonomy of Mzab:

  • Denounces the continued arbitrary arrest of Mozabites activists without charge, and we also hold the Algerian authorities, the health and safety of the prisoners on hunger strike, and we denounces the violations of human rights carried out by the Algerian authorities in the Mzab and its prosecution in flagrant violation of the laws of the Republic and the international conventions ratified by Algeria.
  • We demand a UN commission of inquiry to investigate human rights violations in the Mzab and discover those involved in these crimes against humanity.
  • We demand from the International Red Cross to visit the prisons of Ghardaia to inspect the situation of the detainees.
  • We demand from all international human rights organizations to pressure the Algerian authorities to release Dr Fekhar and all political detainees.

Salah Abbouna
Representative of the Movement for the Autonomy of Mzab

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