Friday , February 23 2018


We are pleased to launch our website, www. The newly-launched platform Amazigh World News is open for content contributions on current events and issues facing the Amazigh world, including the diaspora. We are an independent source without any political affiliation, dedicated to providing news and opinion pieces about Tamazgha.

  • We aim to provide the English-speaking world with new perspectives about Imazighen in the international sphere.
  • We welcome regular and guest contributors to publish in English and join the writing team at Amazigh World News.
  • We hope to develop a vibrant website with news and opinion on topics and events related to the Amazigh community worldwide.

Contributions should be written in English, have a clear focus, and should be no longer than 1,000 words.   You may also send images or video attachments as multimedia posts or to include in an article.
Any submissions or questions can be directed to: