Tuesday , March 28 2017

Siwa Oasis | The City of the Amazigh Collection by Amna Elshandaweely Designs

The City of the Amazigh winter collection was shot in the beautiful landscapes of Siwa Oasis in Egypt. Carefully selecting her locations, Amna El Shandaweely wanted to not only situate her erratic tribal pieces in the place that inspired her, but to also focus on “raise awareness as well as uncovering the beauty secrets of the Amazigh culture specifically the Amazigh people of Siwa Oasis, and not to only focus on the fashion and embroidery,” she assures.

Models: Rawan and Sarah Bombosh, Amna El Shandaweely, Rama Abdelrahman, Ahmed Walaa Soror, Ahmed El Shandaweely
Art director and stylist: Ahmed Soror
Make up artist: Rama Abdelrahman
Photography and film making: Loof Productions

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