Sunday , February 18 2018

Chacha Mourned One Year After His Death

Fans and friends of Mohamed Chacha across the world took to social media on Thursday to remember the life of another Amazigh Rif icon.Chacha

Mohamed Chacha, a great Amazigh poet and novelist who was a truly wonderful advocate for the Amazigh cause and has always been a source of inspiration for Amazigh people all over the world, he has spent his entire life in an effort to defend  his culture, identity as well as to raise awareness within the world community of issues faced by Amazigh people in North Africa

Mohamed has published several books in Tamazight such as “Rez Tabu ad teffegh tfuct” 1997, ” Ajdid umi yitwagg celwaw” 1998 and “Abrid yer yezran” 1999.

To remember his life a group of Rif activists in Netherlands have formed a committee to organize a full day public event to remember Chacha. More details can be found by clicking here.

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