Wednesday , February 21 2018

Censorship of Judeo-Amazigh art in Morocco

Moroccan Authorities forced artist Chama Mechtaly of Judeo-Amazigh heritage, to remove this painting from public display in her gallery.
Here’s part of what she said about this Anti-Amazigh act:

The reality is that Jewish and Amazigh identities in Morocco are either folklorized or ignored and that’s dangerous because it teaches kids who obviously are going/ will go through an identity crisis that they can only be one thing. you can only be Muslim or Jewish, Arab or Berber, African or not at all. This divisive mindset doesn’t work anymore especially in a rapidly more connected and globalized world where the concept of identity itself is being constantly challenged. But it also goes agaisnt the constitution that confirms the diversity of Moroccans and recognizes the Jewish and Amazigh components of our identity. Why were the authorities acting against the constitution? And why censure an artist in the first place? Why does identity talk still bother people here…

Chama Mechtaly

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