Saturday , December 16 2017

Celebrate North African Amazigh New Year in Boston

Following a successful event last year, The Amazigh cultural network in America (ACNA)  in collaboration with Kabyle community of New England are organizing another annual celebration for the North African Amazigh new year ‘Yennayer 2968’, — marks the first day of the agrarian calendar year used since ancient times by Amazigh people throughout North Africa — on Saturday, January 13, in Everett, Massachusetts.

The Yennayer celebration offers a wide selection of activities and performances and there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy: Live Amazigh music featuring both local and international musicians , Traditional Couscous meal, Henna tattoos, Hot Mint Tea, Exhibition, Traditional Ahidous dance as well as some activities for kids.


Since the early ’90s, the Amazigh population in New England  has grown to the point that Eastern Massachusetts now has the highest density of Amazigh living in the United States. Yennayer organizing Committee have been working hard over the last few months to make everything run smoothly, organizers were ecstatic by the turn of event last year and hopes for even more people this year. “Over the last 15 years, Amazigh Community have been able to prosper in Boston area, to take advantage of what is available here, and I think this is the time for our community to give something back.” says organizer. “Like any Event, you learn there’s things you can do better,” Another organizer added.

The show starts at 5:00 p.m. and combines music, dance, along with some great traditional food and drink. This is one of the few North African Amazigh events of the year that requires a ticket, but for thirty bucks audiences have an opportunity to experience and explore the beauty of the North African-Amazigh music, art, culture, history, and language. despite being thousands of miles away from Tamazgha-North Africa.

Tickets to the next Amazigh New Year event are available now at Amazigh/Tickets

See more details and updates by joining the Facebook event page at

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